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Kodibuntu can not be installed on Intel NUC
Hello everybody. I can neither test nor Kodibuntu Kodibuntu live. Unfortunately I do not find the error. There always comes a message that is not supported graphics. I want to install it on an Intel NUC NUC5CPYH. The BIOS of Nuc is on the aktu centremost stand. Do I need to change something in the BIOS or what am I doing wrong? The error occurs with HDMI cable and VGA cable. In Kodinerdsforum was the suspicion that the kernel of Kodibuntu is too old. Am grateful for tips and ideas. In Kodinerdsforum they gave me the tip here to ask in the forum. Unfortunately I can not good English, so I have the text translated online. Gruss LGM
You can't "just" install it on Braswell, cause you need kernel > 4.1.6, which no Ubuntu version ships.

For the time being you can use OpenELEC 5.95.5 or work yourself through this:
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No Debug Log no issue.

Kodibuntu can not be installed on Intel NUC00