AutoStart Live TV when starting Kodi
My desired end result is, like many others, to replace my STB with a KODi based system. Is it possible to configure Kodi so that when I start/wake it up it will automatically tune into live TV channel like a normal TV?

If this can't be done with settings does anyone have any idea how I could do it using a Harmony remote?
System>Live TV>Playback>Continue last channel on startup - set to foreground/background
EDIT: Nevermind the above option does exactly what I wanted, THANKS!

Thanks for the reply. I have that enabled and it gets me halfway there. What I am hoping to find is a way to have it so when I start/wake KODi it will automatcally start in "LiveTV" mode. Power the TV on and it tunes a channel and if I want to watch any other media I back out to the home menu and go from there.

I am trying to avoid somebody having to turn the TV on, then navigate and choose TV, then pick a channel.
PseudoTV Live set-top box mode.
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The official Kodi version does not contain any content what so ever. This means that you should provide your own content from a local or remote storage location, DVD, Blu-Ray or any other media carrier that you own. Additionally Kodi allows you to install third-party plugins that may provide access to content that is freely available on the official content provider website. The watching or listening of illegal or pirated content which would otherwise need to be paid for is not endorsed or approved by Team Kodi.
its actually under settings, INTERFACE, startup, perform on startup, play tv
And what about if I want to autostart tv playing when TV on? I don't let the media box turn off, so the above option (play tv on startup) is not enough. I want something what detects that I powered on the TV and it connects to the box via CEC.
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AutoStart Live TV when starting Kodi00