New SBC board running Kodi

Dear all, Let's introduce the Lemedia running on LeMaker Guitar( )to you today. Hope you like it.
LeMedia-The Family Multimedia Center, We designed the it based on Debian8 and Kodi source code.
Firstly,we need to know about Kodi and XBMC.
Kodi(formerly XBMC) is a free and open-source media player software, developed bythe XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. The software was originally produced as an independently developed media player application named Xbox Media Center (abbreviated as XBMC) for the first-generation Xbox game console, and was later made available under the name Kodi (formerly XBMC)as a native application for Android, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, IOS, and Microsoft Windows based operating systems. It is also available as a standalone version referred to as Kodibuntu.? ”


Secondly, let’s DIY the family multimedia center based on LeMaker Guitar
1pcs LeMaker Guitar, 1pcs remote control, 1pcs HDMI cable, 1pcs 12V 2A power supply and one Screen(LCD TV will be better)

Let's see what we can do with it


Hardware requirements
Kodi has greater basic hardware requirements than traditional 2D style software applications:it needs a 3D capable graphics hardware controller for all rendering. It runs well on LeMaker Guitar, which is running Power VRSGX544MP GPU.

When software decoding of a Full HD 1080p high-definition and high bit-rate video is performed by the system CPU, a dual-core 2 GHz or faster CPU is required in order to allow for perfectly smooth playback without dropping frames or giving playback a jerky appearance.Kodi can also offload most video decoding process onto graphics hardware controller that supports common types of hardware-accelerated video decoding. LeMaker Guitar,with the CPU 1.3GHz quad-core Cortex-A9R4 processors, can confidently fully supports all the powerful functions of Kodi.


According to the high performance of LeMaker Guitar, We designed the LeMedia based on Debian8 and Kodi source code.
You can also experience the LeMedia in advance on Our Facebook page Big Grin
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Kodi runs well on LeMaker Guitar, but where can I get it? I'd like to make a media center in my room.
Be interesting to see what the driver support for the VPU (not the GPU) in the Actions S500 is. It looks like a few new SBCs are using it - like the Allo Sparky, the Lemon Pi Indiegogo-funded board etc.

This press release says Actions Semi are targeting the OpenSource market. Whether that means they are going to provide full sources, or drivers that work properly for Linux, who knows.
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