Req KODI on Samsung Tizen TV's
Hi All,

From what i can read here, it seems that no-one is doing TIZEN development - which is a shame - as S. Smart TVs are a significant portion in the market - we're talking about millions of TVs connected to internet in EU

Anyone with GFK access can see the numbers.

Anyway - there are two ways forward:
-> TIZEN(2015+2016+2017 TVs) and ORSAY app (2011,2012,2013,2014 TVs) - two apps developed - for TIZEN development link here:
-> Toast build (app which will run on both ORSAY and TIZEN) :

Documentation, SDK, various examples apps, etc. are available and there are enough developers developing for TIZEN platform.

If anyone will change perspective and will be interested in bringing Kodi on S. TVs I can offer support.

(2016-04-17, 16:28)MrMC Wrote:
Interesting post ares_geo. Really want Kodi on my not very smart Tizen TV. T_T
(2017-02-10, 16:27)ares_geo Wrote: If anyone will change perspective and will be interested in bringing Kodi on S. TVs I can offer support.
My guess is that the answer will be no unless you can create incentive by offering to buy and donate 10 or more nice Samsung Tizen enabled televisons to Kodi team developers.

It is a catch-22 situation otherwise as no one will develop for hardware that they do not already own, and no one of Kodi team evelopers will buy a Samsung Tizen enabled televison when they can buy a Android TV television set or a dumb-TV with external Android T box for much less money than a Samsung Tizen enabled televison. And while buying only one single Samsung Tizen enabled televison to the right developer on the Kodi team might get luckey and he finishies developing a Tizen port of Kodi, but I think that it is less likley that a Tizen port would be merged into Kodi mainline code if only one single developer have personal interest in maintaining that port in mainline. However if 10 developers own their own personal Samsung Tizen enabled televisons and just one of them ports Kodi to Tizen then perhaps the others could agree to help test and maintain that port of it was merged into Kodi mainline.

So again, my guess is that unless you can change the situation so that several Kodi team developers own a Samsung Tizen enabled televison then there will be no interest from their view to develop Kodi for that platform.
But what if someone could port Tizen to AMD64 or Raspberry Pi or Tinkerboard so then people could develop Tizen apps for Samsung TVs without having to buy a Samsung TV. Tizen is already Open Source, so we're allowed to do it.
At the moment it appears that the best way to get Kodi on our Samsung Tizen tv's is to install it on your smart device and use the Smart View app to mirror it on your tv. It's not ideal, but it's better than nothing. ;-)
Hello, i want to bumb this treat up, there are still no port?
We have few enough developers as it is, and no-one has expressed any interest in such a port.

But the code is freely available and open source, so if you're up to the job feel free to pitch in and lend a hand...
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Well this is discouraging news.... I have a Samsung TV en route. Thought it was a good move as the Tizen OS is Linux based (as opposed to Google's bloated ad delivery system -aka Android)  Thought I might have been able to "retire" my old Matricom Gbox with LibreElec, which is starting to show it's age, even with that OS (it never did run Android very well).

Guess I'll have to keep LibreElec for the Kodi stuff and use the Tizen for the Netflix/Hulu/Sling/whatever type of things.
Has there been any more thought of any development?
Good afternoon.

So... if I understood well, we need someone to take the OpenElec version of Kodi and port it to Toast? Because I would really love to use Kodi again but since Plex is already ported, it's easier to just use what is available... but I loved Kodi way way more.

I will read into this . I need a project until mid-2020 so Smile
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