Release - New plugin "iPlayer WWW"

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(2017-09-04 07:18)CaptainT Wrote:  Well, at least we now know that bit of logic was not the cause.

Did you try using HLS or DASH? I would recommend DASH as Chrome should be able to play that internally.

Can you please give some more information on how Kodi passes the stream to Chrome? Are you using an add-on for that? If so, which one?

This is the content of my playercorefactory.xml file, the top part tells Kodi to open streams up in Chrome. The reason for this is it enables me to cast a tab rather than the entire desktop thereby reducing lag.


<player name="Chrome" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
<filename>C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe</filename>

<rules action="prepend">
********** **********
********** EDIT THIS SECTION **********
********** **********
<rule protocols="smb" player="Chrome" />
<rule dvdimage="true" player="Chrome"/>
<rule protocols="rtmp" player="Chrome"/>
<rule protocols="rtsp" player="Chrome" />
<rule protocols="sop" player="Chrome" />
<rule internetstream="true" player="Chrome" />
<rule video="true" player="Chrome"/> <!-- Default for anything else not listed -->
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