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I meant to post it a while ago, but here is a list of tags that MP3tag can write.


Maybe some of these could be read by Kodi in the future

I know we have recently been looking at adding some classical tags, which works quite well in the test builds.
Extending the support in Kodi would be great. Here is a list of a few tags i use in foobar2000:
  • TBPM BPM (beats per minute)
  • TDOR Original release time
  • TLAN Language(s)
  • TMOO Mood
  • TOPE Original artist(s)/performer(s)
  • TPE1 Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)
  • TPE2 Band/orchestra/accompaniment
  • TPE3 Conductor/performer refinement
  • TPE4 Interpreted, remixed, or otherwise modified by

  • SYLT Synchronised lyric/text
  • USLT Unsynchronised lyric/text
I love my music library in Kodi !! But it needs Music box collection support... If I have a double album Kodi displays it as 2 separate albums and not as a"part 1 part 2" ...
Also music collection show as a bunch of discs and not as a collection
It does support it, but the name of the album needs to be the same. So for example, if you have music from the following albums:
"Some Album Disc 1"
"Some Album Disc 2"
You will get two albums in your library view, if they are named the same like:
Some Album
Some Album
You will get one album in the album view, to keep the songs in the correct order you will need to set the discnumber.

If this is not working for you, show me the tags and I can try and figure out what is the problem.

TDOR would be really nice!

What kind of information does mp3tag save in setsubtitle? Picard saves the name of the disc there if mp3tag does the same, it could nice to be able to read that to be able to display the name of the disc when playing a multidisc album.
(2015-09-21, 17:05)zag Wrote: Maybe some of these could be read by Kodi in the future

A lot of them already are read by Kodi. Not sure how this list helps?
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