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Kodi 15 - How do i change a Movie library path?
I am trying to create a Kids Movie library and have created the home menu item (I now have a movies, kids movies and TV shows home menu icon). However, I don't know how to set the path to the Kids movies folder on my NAS? Its just picking up all the movies in all of the folders on the NAS?

Can anyone help?

Hi Martin.You need to use the smart playlist option. Set the genre to animation and/or family and it will automatically filter the kids movies.
Thanks Veez999. Can you point me in the right direction of any 'smart playlist' documentation? I have created a smart playlist to the path of the kids movie folder. However, it doesn't seems to show any of the movies?
Smart_playlists (wiki)
Thanks. I did follow those instructions and created the smart playlist to the kids movies path. However, when i access the playlist there is nothing in it? I am surprised that trying to do this is so hard? I would have though being able to create home menu items, linked to folders would have been pretty standard functionality. I used to be able to do that in Mediabrowser 5 years ago?
A much easier and more future proof way might just be to create a separate directory for the kids stuff wherever you're storing your files, set that up as its own source in Kodi. You can then use a smart playlist to filter based on path.

For example, the Parents' playlist would be as follows:

New Smart Playlist -> New Rule -> Path: Starts with [smb://yourserver/movies/]

The Kids' playlist would be:

New Smart Playlist -> New Rule -> Path: Starts with [smb://yourserver/kids/]

I haven't tried this, but it should work. And it allows you to add stuff as you please to that directory, rather than relying on categories that may or may not apply (showing Animation may get you things like anime movies; many of which aren't young-kid friendly).
Thanks Zang. This is exactly what i have set up. However, it still only displays the "Parents Movies" list as per the screen shot below?

Set up.

I have the following directories on the NAS

1) Parents Movies
2) TV Shows
3) KIds Movies

In BOX i go to the skin settings and to the Kids TV menu item. I then create a custom Movie playlist to the kids directory on the NAS using the smb path, but when i go back out to the home menu nothing is displayed?
To what are you attaching the smart playlist? Menu Action or Menu Widget?
I will have to check when i am home tonight, but i am pretty sure its attached to the menu action. Do you have a screen shot of the smartplaylist menu you could post?
One thing to note, you need to add the full path. Using "browse" will often not give you that. You need to manually type in the URL-style path, like "smb://yourserver/path/to/folder/"
Ok. The path looks fine when i set it via "browse". I will try adding manually tonight when i get home to see if this works.
So i created 2 new smartplaylists and typed the paths in manually, one of adult movies and another for kids movies;


I then went to the skin configuration menu and amended the home menu 1 to point to the adult movies playlist and home menu 4 to the kids playlist.


However, when i go back to the main menu nothing is displayed?
Do you have files in folders in a share? If so, then change your setting from "is" to" contains".hope I'm making sense.
Veez999, you are brilliant! That has worked. I now have the right movies being displayed in the right home menu items and the kids dont see any adult movies. My next task is to work out how to create a custom widget that will show the recently added movies for each of the folders.

Thank you soooooooo much! I was starting to get reallly frustrated. : )
Use your skin to filter to date added. Once you in the kids view, select view settings and then sort by date added. I use Aeon Nox and it works like a charm.

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