Subtitles in letterboxing bars
Hi !

Is there a way to have subtitles in the bottom letterboxing bar ?
Twice, I had the subtitles in this black bar:
1° In a remux movie
2° in a x265 movie

But for all other movies, the subtitles are not in the letterboxing bar, they are just above, in the bootom of the video.

Thank you for your help.
Sounds like those subtitles are either hard coded into the movie *or* are in BD PGS format, which are actual prepared bitmap graphics that are overlaid on the image... and more than likely can't be moved.

The x265 has both subtitles (SRT and PGS), and both are in the black surface.

So I think it's not due subtitle formats.

I know some media player (bomi, for example) are able to put subtitle in this blak surface.
And I see now that kodi can do the same for two of my movies, bit I really don't understand why it's not the same for the other movies....
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