Start video paused - is it possible?

I've been looking around a little, and I can't seem to find any options (in GUI or advancedsettings.xml) that tells Kodi to start videos paused.

I've started looking for this since I switched from the FTV to an RPi 2, which supports switching framerate dynamically.
Unfortunately, my TV uses upwards of 5 seconds for this, so I have to skip back after starting a video, to get to watch it from the beginning.
It might not sound like much (the 5 seconds), but watching short clips and recordings, 5 seconds might be a lot of the clip.

So... Is it possible? Or do I just have to forget about the automatic switching? (to get around the issue, I've set the refresh rate to 23.98hz default, which is what most of my content is, but watching a lot of european LiveTV as well, which is primarily ~50hz)
Adjust refresh rate to match video. Then select pause during refresh
I really have no idea what I am talking about. Proceed with caution. I confuse easily. And drink. A lot.
This option is not available on the build I'm running..
Latest Jarvis nightly for RPi 2 (built by Milhouse)

... Then what? Smile

Found an option under System -> Video Output, called "Delay after change of refresh rate" - but that does not appear to have any effect
Ah, development build? Then double check what's happening. Extend the refresh rate delay to the full 20 seconds and trying playing the video, so you can see if it's pausing or not.

See if the problem isn't actually that the video is starting (in pause mode) at 4-5 seconds into the file. Because if so, I've already reported that particular problem.
I havent had the option to check up on it further, but from what I remeber, it did seem like the player started some seconds into the video. But setting the refresh rate delay to 20 seconds had no effect on this.

I'll investigate further when I get the time

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Start video paused - is it possible?0
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