Release Surveillance Room - Your IP Camera Companion with extra Foscam HD Support
Hello all!

I've been working on an addon which kind of combines some other similar addons, and includes many new features. I wanted all of the features in FoscamHD and the functions in SecurityCamOverlay, while having multiple camera capability. I wanted it all in one spot and I wanted to be able to customize. My inspiration was for me to have this as a room monitor for my children while they sleep, and also to know when someone pulls into my driveway. It has been working great for me. This is my first Add-on project but by no means do I think its rough around the edges.


Install my repository and then install the add-on from there. Get notified of add-on updates! It's under both 'Program add-ons' or 'Video add-ons'
Repository Download

*Developed on KODI 15.2 (Isengard). Tested working on Helix, Isengard and now Jarvis!.

Latest Version: Nov 30, 2015 - v1.2.3
Github Link:

If motion or sound is detected a small image preview will slide onto the screen. Pressing select *will* stop any playing media and open the main video feed with basic controls for pan/tilt and mirror/flip. Exit with the back button or click the close control, and the previously playing file will resume. This works for up to 4 cameras simultaneously
Also, there is a menu to select these cameras individually or all of them to play at once.

watch gallery

- Connect up to 4 IP/Foscam Cameras
- Supports credentials for Foscam, but you can overwrite the URL manually to support non-Foscam cameras, or the C model which has RTSP port hard coded to 554.
- Watch in multiple streaming formats, with camera controls displayed overtop of a single camera view.
- Preview cameras while watching content, with Motion and Sound Detection, or by calling it manually using RunPlugin()
- Open the camera stream from a preview, and will resume what you were watching when you close the stream.
- Logic to determine when preview is allowed to display. Configure which windows not to display for.
- Set a home location to move PTZ enabled Foscam cameras to when Kodi starts
- Supports both Foscam HD and Foscam SD APIs (or any copy-cat models)

Additional Context Menu Addons - Also available from my repo!
Configure a context item to show previews, fullscreen, or all cameras! -
Toggle the automatic previews on or off as you need them! -

Map a remote button
To easily to view All Cameras, a single camera feed, or a picture-in-picture (PIP) preview, you can map a remote button.

For all cameras:

For just a single camera (update camera_number= with the integer of the desired camera, 1 - 4):

For picture-in-picture (PIP) preview (update camera_number= with the integer of the desired camera, 1 - 4):
<green>XBMC.RunPlugin(plugin:// </green>

For just a single camera without controls (update camera_number= with the integer of the desired camera, 1 - 4):

** Additionally you can call this script externally for home-automation/doorbells/etc using the same syntax.

Known Issues
- *HIGH PRIORITY* When using MJPEG for all player or preview, its possible there might be a lag that grows overtime depending on network speed and computer speed. Work Around: Use snapshots
- *MEDIUM PRIORITY* Zoom buttons are not included in remote/keyboard navigation scheme yet. Work around: Use the mouse
- *MEDIUM PRIORITY* Screensaver will come on during All Camera player when its playing
- *LOW PRIORITY* Z-Order of windows isn't optimized if calling from the script for multiple player types. Not a likely scenario but some 'error' logic can be added to prevent any potential issues
- *LOW PRIORITY* If multiple preview windows are opened, you can only close the window by mouse which was opened last.

Credit and thanks to the following addons/developers for inspiration and a lot of the groundwork:
* (
* (
* (

Questions/comments/suggestions are encouraged!

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