Release Surveillance Room - Your IP Camera Companion with extra Foscam HD Support
Hello Friends! I apologize for my lack of attendance this past while. Any reason will just sound like an excuse. I'm also a bit upset at myself for committing to the hikvision addition but not yet providing it. I've put it back on my radar.

I also see a few other things going on here that I should help sort out for the community.

@Ruckus - can you confirm your add-on settings camera configs and firmware version of the cameras so I know what we're working with?

@waylotul - I haven't tested touchscreen platforms but that should be easy on any Android device. My wife now has a touchscreen laptop I can also test. But just to be clear, the issue is you can't hit the close button using the touchscreen interface right? I'll look into this when I'm at home and can do that.

@cyablo - The password restriction is because authentication is passed in the HTTP URLs that the addon uses to communicate with. These characters don't play nice in the protocol.

@chrisko - You can try to pass authentication in the HTTP url... such as this which might do the trick:
http://username:[email protected]:port/mjpeg/stream.cgi?chn=1
Sometimes you need to pass authentication after the '?' as a variable but this would be specific to the camera vendor. It would be something like this if its allowed:

@speed32219 - hikvision is coming and I will be asking for the community's support for testing since I don't have one myself. It'll likely take 2-3 iterations before its nearly bug free Smile

@locoguano - This is a new issue for me. I don't think its been test on Fire TV yet but the platform shouldn't be the issue (I hope). Can you confirm the add-on config settings for the camera and also the camera you're using? As for your favourite request, I can definitely add this once I figure out how that's done. I would add it the advanced menu for each camera.

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