Release Surveillance Room - Your IP Camera Companion with extra Foscam HD Support

Thanks again.

Still wouldn't work, but we're making some progress, I think.

I changed the lines you mentioned, but had to be to:

_snapshotUrl = "http://{0}/cgi-bin/CGIProxy.fcgi?cmd=snapPicture2&usr={1}&pwd={2}&".format(self.url, self.usr, self.pwd)


_mjpegUrl = "http://{0}/cgi-bin/CGIStream.cgi?cmd=GetMJStream&usr={1}&pwd={2}&".format(self.url, self.usr, self.pwd)

or else I'd got a tuple error.

Meanwhile it started working on the preview window, but nothing when I select the camera. Then I saw on the logs something about not opening rtsp://...:88/videoMain and remembered that the RTSP port is 554, not 88. At least, when I enabled it on my cam setup (for trying to use it with vlc and other apps), along with the onvif enabling option, the default was 554 and that seems to be the default port for RTSP. So I changed line 820 to:

_videoUrl = "rtsp://{0}:{1}@{2}/videoMain".format(self.usr, self.pwd,

and then I was able to open the cam, see video and hear audio. Perhaps this works like this because of any particular config on my part? Probably the only portable mode is to do a ONVIF request and obtain the URL, but that will give a bit of work (I think the ONVIF command is GetStreamUri, but it has to be JSON encoded and decoded... but I don't really speak onvif and this was the result of a 5 minute search and read; maybe there is already some module out there that will do the hard part should you decide to go that way? I hope any of this helps to improve...)

But now I'm facing another problem: when seeing the main video stream, I try to exit (press ESC or right mouse button) but all it does is open an empty list window, and then kodi mostly hangs (that list window never disappears). For a while all I can do is pause the video and resume it, but in the end kodi just locks, hangs and gives a black screen until I forcefully kill it. This is on Kodi 16.0, I'm still to try it on 16.1...

Any thoughts?

Best regards and keep up the good work.

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