Release Surveillance Room - Your IP Camera Companion with extra Foscam HD Support
Apparantly, developement has slowed (hopefully, not stopped). I was hoping to use this app to popup Hikvision stream on my TV when alarm / motion occurs. Did not work.

Just to display cam feeds, I do not need anything. I am using simpler methods to manually display my cameras, when needed. To me, it is preferred and simpler to not install anything but to add few commands to existing basic system. I do not look at the cameras until I need to look at them, so, I do never need all 5 cams live vew at the same time. Normally using my primary cam monitor, I have a single cam view active, depending on the need - internal or external cam; camerras used for alert wil popup on their own. TV is a secondary diplay when convenient.

Back to Kodi. IP cams view and cam alert popup should really be an integral part of Kodi nowdays.

1. Remote control map: Just to watch the live feed from cameras, I have assigned my cams to some keys (Red, Green, Yellow, Blue) at my remote. I press a key, and the selected Cam pops up, regardles of what I am doing with Kodi which is a great advantage. That works perfectly at a TV with remote, not ideal or even not usable when watching on a computer, phone or a tablet. No recording. Needs to be defined separatelly at each Kodi instalation.

2. Tvheadend backend IPTV map: To watch and record. Added my cams as IPTV channels so they appear after my regular LiveTV. I can watch and manually record them same as any other LiveTV channel. This method is slow to start showing a stream. You can program recording using Manual Time Schedule, but I do not expect this to be elegant solution for recording. Advantage: needs to be defined only once at a backend server, displaying works the same at any device and platform using Kodi.

I use Hikvision cam instead of a doorbell. How? What about alarms? I use 7" Android tablet as a 24/7 cam monitor. When a camera sends motion alarm, my tablet will ring. I can hear that even if I am not looking at the tablet or am in another room. One can have more than one such monitors (old phones are great e.g at the door itself). If my TV is up, I can simply press my e.g. Red button to see the front door cam or change a LiveTV program in a regular manner to my front door cam.

But, I use live cam alert primarily as a doorbell for our cats Smile Burglarwise and othewise - all cams are recorderd separatelly from this. Actually, my cams are utilized using 4 separate but simultaneous systems.

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