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(2016-09-09, 12:56)MPRESTON81 Wrote: Hi ThePrivateGeek,

I was able to create the key a couple days ago but still unable to get this working. Begining to think this may be a problem with Motioneyeos and Windows not having native ssh capabilities.

In any event here are the particulars of where I am at.

Setup details
RPI3 with MotionEyeOS
Windows 10 with KODI 16.1
Surveillance Room configured and able to call a preview window with keyboard command CTRL G within Kodi...done purely for testing purposes

I was able to create the public and private keys on the RPI3. Sorry, I don't know much about SSH, does anything special need to be done when creating the keys?
I then used PUTTY to share the keys to my windows 10 computer.

Afterwards I tried to emulate as close as possible what you said to post in the webos 'motion notifications' under run a command to call the plugin preview window.
This is what I have : ssh Master [email protected] 'xbmc-send -a "XBMC.RunPlugin(plugin://"'

I think my main issues lay with SSH to a windows box. Putty can see and use the keys but not kodi. Any thoughts on this?

I'm not sure but it seems to me you're approaching this the wrong way round.

RPI3 has MotionEyeOS which is connected to a Camera. In the admin page of the MotionEyeOS (your RPi IP in browser), you need to find the Motion Notification settings and enable Run A Command and add the above command in the Command field.
If your ssh-key has been setup correctly it means that you can access Kodi from your RPi without having to enter a password, which is what the command needs to do. Please read this tutorial:

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