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(2017-03-16, 13:38)kash7777 Wrote: Hi, Jinux thank you for prompt respond.

Last night I got the my Foscam to work "conditionally" let me explain, I was watching Youtube and all of the sudden I notice that camera motion sensor got trigger and I saw the floating window on corner of my TV screen then I find out if I watching any movie or listening to music in "full screen mode" the motion feature with Foscam works but if I am on Kodi home screen even when I can hear the camera triggering but no floating picture on TV screen, I thought may be my VPN causing the issue because I do not use VPN while I am using Youtube or listening to my music but after disabling the VPN still when I am on home screen of Kodi the camera (Foscam) does not trigger the screen picture,

Also when I am listening to music with Kodi in background No motion screen, but if I place the music in Full screen mode then I get motion feature works.Wink
One more thing when I open Foscam on Full screen I can not close it properly and i need to reboot the system (with or without controller for camera on screen)
In the setting of the add on you can disable the preview on different screens, maybe the homescreen is ticked at this setting and thus you do not see the preview on the home screen. Maybe you could attach a key to the preview, i did the same, pressing 4,5 or 6 makes the preview appear. Then you can test if the pteview works and play around with the add on settings. Scroll back in post to see my keyboard.xml and change to your cam url and keys.


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