Release Surveillance Room - Your IP Camera Companion with extra Foscam HD Support
(2018-02-27, 14:03)maikito26 Wrote:
(2018-02-26, 03:19)danbutter Wrote: Having some trouble getting this to work with Blue Iris.
I have it installed and I am trying to use the snapshot and mjpg URLs from Blue Iris, but nothing ever happens.
From the BI webserver all you have to do is enter the IP:port/image/{camera short name here} the last part being the name of the cam in BI. This will give you a snapshot of whatever cam name you insert.
Now you can also do IP:port/mjpg/{camera short name}/video.mjpg for a M-JPEG stream.
neither of these work in this addon for me though.
There is no authentication needed on my network and both URL's work on my many devices on various browsers.

Any thoughts of what I could try?

 I'm not very familiar with Blue Iris...

That said, authentication isn't necessary.  Does the snapshot url result provide you an html page with an image?  Or is just the image?  It needs to be the latter to work.  In some instances the snapshot result is embedded in an html page and I didn't code this to strip the image if it is.

For mjpeg... Can it be streamed to Kodi directly using this URL?   Whats in the log file when you attempt this? 
I think it is a html page with just an image, but I'm not a programmer. I tried to inspect the page with firefox, but can't seem to copy anything to paste it in here.
If I try to load the mjpg URL in kodi it freezes the whole PC.  Both work fine in a browser, but I guess they aren't compatible with your addon.

Thanks for looking.  Would have been awesome if it had worked.

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