Release Surveillance Room - Your IP Camera Companion with extra Foscam HD Support
(2018-04-27, 03:28)johnny_swindle Wrote: I have a foscam FI9900PR and for the life of me I can't get the config correct.
The following plays in VLC.
rtsp://Administrator:[email protected]:88/videoMain
Any help getting the correct settings for the app would be appreciated.

Johnny - check out my lengthy instructions on page 25 of this thread. Your model should accept a setup identical to mine.
(2018-04-12, 00:42)thestig Wrote:
(2018-04-10, 18:27)jasonbuechler Wrote: You, sir, just activated a braincell of mine. 'No response at all' struck me as a security measure.  
Which makes sense, given that Basic auth is sent as (reversibly-base64-encoded) plaintext, and therefore you're not supposed to use it over http.
Although the fact upping verbosity yields the information anyway is kinda odd... I'm still curious:
Can you try any of those CGI strings over https, instead??
Might as well see if the headers are any different, as well?   
 Tried the https source and get indication of both basic and digest auth
Quote:* ALPN, server did not agree to a protocol
* Server auth using Basic with user 'admin'
> GET /cgi-bin/alarm.cgi?action=getOutSlots HTTP/1.1
> Host: CAMERA
> Authorization: Basic YWRtaW46bGlidGFyZGk1
> User-Agent: curl/7.47.0
> Accept: */*
< HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
< WWW-Authenticate: Digest realm="Login to CAMERA",qop="auth",nonce="169406689",opaque="932d81617986dac88750828ad8a5a582e01f44fd"
hey @thestig have you had any more luck with that? 
I was really really hoping https would be our panacea -- that readout crushed my hopes of understanding. :/
I have a couple friends who're trying to get into ipcams and I want to recommend Amcrest to them over foscam but ... you know.
Have you tried to get in contact with their tech/dev team?  Confusingly, Foscam itself used to be pretty good about actually channeling technical questions to people who could answer... I gotta assume Amcrest might be at least that goodHuh

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