Release Surveillance Room - Your IP Camera Companion with extra Foscam HD Support
(2018-05-03, 20:50)johnny_swindle Wrote: I used your post a as a guide, but I could not get the config to work.  It is possible that I made an error setting things up, so I will give it another try.
Hey Johnny -- my mistake, potentially.
Upon closer inspection I noticed that your camera's manual mentions it can take a default port of 88, OR a configured port of your choosing. You verified port 88 works fine via VLC... so if you followed my instructions to the letter, and used :554 instead of :88 in your setup, then yeah it won't work. Sorry! Unrelated aside... the manual for that camera is just riddled with errors and vaguely threatening english, lol:


Let's lay out this plan:
  1. follow my instructions on page 25, but use 88 instead of 554
  2. if that doesn't immediately work, please take some pics/screenshots and share them here (or via imgur link)
  3. after the above, does the "snapshot" preview appear when you mouseover/select (but not click) the name of your camera in the addon's list of cameras?
  4. assuming video still doesn't work, can you upload your kodi.log to pastebin and link me to it here?
  5. kind of unrelated, but so we're working on the same page... I actually have been using a modified version of maikito's addon that correctly allows me to use my cameras via the 'override' camera type (thanks to RaysceneNS's github fork)... it's worth trying that. Here's a link to the zip: ... if you aren't sure how to get it from there, like if you're on locked-down android box, you can create a file source in kodi to this address then install-from-zip from that filesource

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