How to make "Closed Captions"/"Teletext" button show ATSC captions w/ MCE remote
I had posted a question about this earlier but I finally figured it out. I would post this in the "Tips, tricks, and step by step guides" section but for some reason I'm banned from posting there. Anyway, if you have a Windows MCE compatible remote that has a "Teletext" button, or maybe a button labelled "Closed Captions" that actually sends the "Teletext" code (in Linux you can use the irw program to check), you will find that if you try to use it to toggle ATSC closed captions it won't work - it will just display "Teletext not available"). Since we don't have Teletext in the ATSC countries (at least not that I'm aware of), here is the fix to make that button toggle closed captions:

Go to your Kodi userdata/keymaps directory (~/.kodi/userdata/keymaps in Linux, ~/Library/Application\ Support/Kodi/userdata/keymaps in OS X, I don't know where it is on other platforms) and see if there's file called remote.xml there. If so, you will want to add the following lines to it (except for the first line if it's already there); if not, create a new file with that name and edit it to contain all of this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Save the edited file. Now you should be able to toggle ATSC closed captions using the Teletext button on your remote, without needing to go into the OSD. No guarantees, but it worked for me.
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Is this will work in Linux, should show you what that button is sending??

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How to make "Closed Captions"/"Teletext" button show ATSC captions w/ MCE remote0
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