Bug TVServerKodi causes a crash for TVservice
Thanks a lot margro!

...unfortunately I was a bit lazy and did not find out how to get the logs from OpenELEC when the problem happened...and now that I tried...it has already overwritten the logs from that time (or at least they are not in the zip file that I get using these instructions http://wiki.openelec.tv/index.php/OpenEL...rt_logs.3F )

...but I had a look at your commit and I'm pretty sure you nailed it, because the problem happened when I was setting up my OpenELEC box: I booted it a couple of times, and reconfigured my TVserver address, and changed the WOL settings as well -also...the box is using WLAN. So maybe my OpenELEC box got closed just during a piece of HandleConnection() which was not enclosed byt try-catch. Though, I can't immediately see which part of HandleConnection() would really take so long that such thing could happen. But well, with my luck it there's a microsecond of time to fail...I'll hit that slot with a 99% chance :-).

Never-ever used .net ...but is it OK to have the reader & cStream ".Dispose()" commands inside the try-catch? Or should they rather be in some "finally" or "using" sort of structure? I mean, would there be some sort of leak in case of an exception now?

But again, thanks a lot! I'll take the new version in use as soon as possible!

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