"B" key doesn't work in skin settings (bug?)
Hi there,

I can't go back (to main menu) useing the "B" key when I'm in the skin setting menu. "Back" key works fine.
The strange thing is, that I can go back useing the "B" key in the normal settings.

I know "B" and "Back" are different mapped by default.
But what is the difference in going back from the skin settings than going back from the gernal settings?

Is it a bug or a feature? Big Grin

I just wanted to know if this is normal or if it's a bug. Not a big one of course and I can deal with it Wink

Anyway, should be easy to fix and maybe worth a mention.

Greetings from Germany
semi-bug. there's no keymapping for skin settings since it's a custom window. and we cant map b globally cause it will cause issues here and there.
Sounds plausibly.

No problem for me though.

I just wanted to help Wink

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"B" key doesn't work in skin settings (bug?)00