Channels disappearing after reboot of Kodi
hi, i'm new to iptv and the iptv simple pvr addon. i've setup my iptv channels and using the addon i'm using i can see all the channels working fine and access them through the addon directly.

i've then gone into the pvr iptv simple addon and setup what i need to. once i've done this i can see all of the channels and access them via the live tv function in kodi with no issues. i can use the epg and channel surf as expected.

when i reboot the kodi system is when i have an issue. i'm using kodi 14.2 helix with the confluence skin and when the system restarts, after the kodi splash screen comes up, the usual 'importing from clients' pvr message occurs and seems to download what it needs to. however the TV menu in kodi is no longer there. it seems as though, for whatever reason, something has happened and there are no channes and no way to access pvr. what i need to do is go into the live tv settings and clear the EPG database. once i do this the TV menu reappears and i can access the channels again.

to say this is frustrating is an understatement and i was hoping someone might have an idea as to how i could get around it?

many thanks in advance
Try to grab a debug log (wiki) when you experience the problem.
hi negge, I've uploaded my log here. would really appreciate your help on this.
Quote:ERROR: AddOnLog: PVR IPTV Simple Client: Unable to load playlist file 'http://localhost:8899/channels.html?portal=1': file is missing or empty.

You also have the DVBLink client enabled, you should disable it if you're not using it.
thanks for having a look. any ideas why this error would be occurring on restart but not when i reset the EPG database (where all channels come through without issue?". not sure why this would be any different upon a restart?

on the DVBViewer, i have tried and tried and tried to uninstall, disable it and for the life of me i can't work out why it keeps coming back. i accidentally enabled it and now it seems i'm stuck with it. this occurred after i got my initial problem as was trying to fix it when accidentally enabled it.

do you know how i'd get rid of it for good? tried deleting it via SSH and it just tells me that the addon location is read-only.
Could be that whatever is on localhost:8999 starts after Kodi.

Disabling the DVBLink addon should be enough, it shouldn't enable itself automatically.
any idea how i can establish this? it's a M3U playlist file and i've no idea how to look and see what's starting when. thanks
I don't know where your playlist comes from, you'll need to figure it out on your own or just use a local copy instead of loading it through some server on localhost.

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Channels disappearing after reboot of Kodi0
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