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Since Kodi is now actively bugging me to move over to jarvis 16.1 i thought i'd ask again if there have been any changes done or if one could say the skin ist working fine to the point i can use it productively.
As you can see in post #15, I have been on 16 since the nightlys, and it has been fine. I have also posted the two steps to install that are currently required, it's not hard, move on.
thanks @Hiphopopotamus for the help. yes the skin is working fine on jarvis. I am currently working on Krypton already since it all happened simultaneously!! Plus some life catching on... sorry if i've been M.I.A. lately. Will make amends!!!!!
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Been running SIo2X for a long time now, and I love it, but one thing I can't figure out. I've got tons of 'movies' which includes concerts, cartoons, shorts, etc, and I did not want them all dumped together in the Movies section so I created playlists for each (as well as the remainder of actual movies) and the put those playlists onto the main menu using the favorites approach. So I have deactivated the default movie button on the home screen and I use buttons associated with playlists instead.

It works great except for one thing - the filter option is greyed out when I access the side menu within the playlists. I assume this is due to some limitation, but is there any way to get around this?

The filter button works just fine when I show and then use the normal movies / tv shows etc buttons on the main screen.

Thanks for the great skin.
Is there any way to make the 'halo' color around the buttons on the video player redish instead of white? The glow is too subtle for my 60 year old Dad to be able to see it. This quick change would fix the theme for him.

EDIT: removed damn Typie Typie ad. Sorry, reset the phone, forgot to remove this.

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