Release Modded Now Playing Screen [Updated 06/12/2015]
[UPDATE 06/12/2015] More changes for streams and new blank cd image. See below for details. Screenshot found at Post 47

[UPDATE 02/12/2015] Stream Visibilty tags now added. Main change is CD is hidden and animated icon is displayed. Please ensure you also download the new image file. Screenshot at Post 39

[UPDATE 19/11/2015] 'Handwritten' CD Labels added. Please read full instructions below as a font needs adding. Screenshots at Post 32

[UPDATE 15/11/2015] The mod now uses marcelveldt's really useful Skin Helper Service to retrieve band logos. This gives better support for compilation/sampler albums and music stored in multiple locations.

Please re-download the mod if already installed as well as downloading and installing the latest Skin Helper Service (You may also need to flush the cache in the skin helper settings if you've had a previous version installed). Also re-read the installation instructions as there is a file that needs re-editing from the previous installation

[09/11/2015] Finally completed my new look to the Now playing screen for Aeon Nox 5. It is compatible with BigNoid's original Aeon Nox 5 and also mikesilvo164's modded version, Aeon Nox 5: SiLVO

Any comments/suggestions or improvements (particularly coding as this is my first attempt at it) are welcome.

  • CD case with Album Cover and CDart. Album record label shown in CD case spine
  • 'Handwritten' CD Labels if there is no CD Art present (see Post 32 for screenshots)
  • Top Bar with Now Playing info and Playlist (or Partymode if active) stats
  • Redesigned Codec/Visualisation Info popup.
  • CD returns to case if no Album Cover (ie song is not scraped to library)
  • Artist Logo support
  • Next Track info and art. (Empty CD case displayed if nothing left to play)
  • Artist feed moves to Top Bar if set as 'Persistent' and player info hidden
  • CD and Case replaced with animated streaming icon when streaming music

watch gallery

CD Case
CD Case Inside
Stream Icon
CD Label Font
Skin Helper Service

Blank CD - Only needed if you wish to change the default cd image. Replace the default.png in the skins '\extras\cdart\' folder.

To Install
Download the 4 files above and the Skin Helper Service. Place the MusicVisualisation.xml file into the skins '1080i' folder and place the two images(cdcase.png and cdinside.png) into the skins 'media' folder (alongside the textures.xbt). Place the fafers.ttf into the skins 'Font' folder and then insert the following at line 4 in 'Font.xml'


NOTE: The below is no longer needed at all and should be removed from the file ONLY IF YOU ARE USING THE ORIGINAL NOX 5. Silvo Users should leave the option in.

To enable logo support you must then edit the skins 'custom_1120_OSDSettings.xml' and insert the following after line 82.
NOTE: The logo support is already part of the Silvo version of the skin and therefore the following is not required if using that skin.

            <control type="button" id="90911">
                <label>Music Path [COLOR=themecolor_transparent][I](for Artist Logo)[/I][/COLOR]</label>
                <label2>[COLOR labelheader]$INFO[Skin.String(pathlogosartists)][/COLOR]</label2>

This will enable an option where you can set the path to where your music is stored. For example "D:\Music".
To access bring up the OSD controls (move mouse or press 'm' on keyboard) and select the settings option (looks like a cog)


BigNoid for creating Aeon Nox 5
mikesilvo164 for creating Aeon Nox 5: SiLVO
marcelveldt for creating Skin Helper Service

[UPDATE 05/11/2015] Another updated screen shot. Just got to tidy up the code and solve a couple of issues then I'm done

[UPDATE 28/10/2015] Screenshot updated. Almost done now. Couple of sizing issues to sort but main layout done

[25/10/2015] Working on a different look for the Now Playing screen. Not yet complete but thought I'd show what I've got so far Big Grin
Looks nice
put the Label records pls Smile
Cheers guys. Have updated first post with new screenshot. Soon be complete Big Grin
@MaxCore - Record labels can now be found in spine of CD case
Pleaseintregarte it in Madnox
I like it a lot. Smile

Is there any chance I could get hold of that cd case texture? If its ok by you I would really like to use this for nox widgets.
@Mr. V Here you go ->
@Slipass - This mod is for Nox 5. I believe Madnox is based on the previous version so not sure if it will easily compatible. I will look into it once completed.
Hi Seedy,

I'll add it to the list of things for Madnox that I'll start working on again soon. Please just let me know when your Nox 5 file(s) will be available so I can used them as a basis for the Madnox version. Although we have 2 version of Music Viz for Madnox already but I think we can add a third some way between me & meowmoo.

SKIN: Aeon Madnox
RIP Schimi2k, we miss you.
When I grow up I want to be a skilled skinner
Thank me by ⬇ adding to my + reputation
nice, can you try to put the band logo.

@mike - Cheers bud. As soon as I get it completed i'll let you know.

@varoeax - For the moment I wont be adding the logo as you've suggested as the varying looks of logos don't always look right when used as the artist title. I'm thinking of putting it where you've suggested the waveform though and giving it a slight trannslucent look. I'll try and get a screen shot up to show you what I mean
waveform all the way! Thanks!
Another screen shot. First post has been updated. I'm almost done. Just want to tidy the code up and fix a couple of small issues.

New bits:
Top bar shows "Now Playing" info and Playlist/Partymode details
Band logos now shown
Codec info popup (appears when you press 'O') has now been redone as well. (shown in screenshot)

Let me know what you think
Like the look of this. Great work.
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