Req Negative Record Minutes Before Start And After End
I want the ability to set negative numbers for the record minutes before the start and after the end of a scheduled recording.

I also want the ability to more precisely set the number instead of being limited to just 3, 5, 7, 10, and 15. It would be nice to be able to choose any number between -60 and 60, similar to how NextPVR's client add-on for Kodi works.

A negative number of record minutes before the start of a program would be especially useful for when the programming of a channel has been grievously offset from the EPG start times because a sports game broadcast went into overtime. Football games on CBS tend to do this quite often, sometimes offsetting the programming by nearly an hour, and I'd really like this feature in order to compensate for when that happens.

A negative number of record minutes after the end of a program would be useful for when the EPG isn't properly aligned with the programming, or when the programming is padded with long commercial breaks following each program instead of having small commercial breaks within each program, such as programs on PBS. Yes, I might end up using it only trim off one or two minutes from each recording, but after enough recordings the space saved really adds up.

I'm hoping that this would be a relatively simple feature that wouldn't be that difficult or time consuming to implement. The only thing that might make it complex is putting safeguards in place to ensure that the padding times don't overlap if they're both negative, and ensuring that the recording length will be greater than zero minutes. I notice from the code in the TVServerKodi.TVServerController.AddSchedule() function in the server-side plug-in for MediaPortal that there's already a safeguard in place to prevent the preRecordInterval and postRecordInterval from both being negative, so it's simply a matter of expanding upon that code. There would just have to be additional safeguard code in place to ensure the length of the recording is greater than zero minutes and prevent any other potential overlap of start and end times of the recording.
You need to ask mediaportal to do it. Kodi or plugin does not record anything. Features like this is backend dependent.
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