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(2016-04-05, 22:07)manlo Wrote: @DevXen
Currently there is no other solution as the "single page overview", but you can hardcode the JSON in this file.
Store data in a json file sounds great. Then a search feature is easier to implement. When I get the time, maybe I can look at this Wink
For editing some stuff (watched vs. not watched or wish list) you need a webserver with php or similar that can write things down on the server and then the setup is a little bit complicated as only copy files.

Yeah, I would likely put it on a webserver for that functionality. then I could access it on my PC, or phone, or anywhere I go. it's just Win/Win. But the Json/sort/Organize, would be great to have implemented.
I figure that way it can stay on 'One page' But be much more accessible for large collections. also with Json. you could likely paginate it as well so the loaded page doesn't ever get to big.

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