IPTV Stuttering / Not Caching. FFMPEG? Windows 10
Hey Guys,

I'm fairly new to KODI, but have been reading a ton of information on the forums about this same issue. It seems fairly prevalent, but I can't seem to find a fix for it.

Here's what I know so far.

-It only happens with IPTV channels (Currently using IPTVSimple)
-Other streaming video works fine.
-Net speed is not the issue
-Available Ram is not the issue
-If I watch Vevo under the Video Addon tab, it works fine. If I try the same channel, but through IPTV, it stutters after one or two songs.
-When I bring up the stats for IPTV (hitting O) it shows that it's not caching/buffering at all. THIS is the problem but not sure how to fix it?

-I've tried changing the advancesettings.xml file, but again, it only seems to change things for the VIDEO tab, which was already fine. Nothing changes under the TV tab.
-I read one thread where this was linked back to a potential FFMPEG issue, that SHOULD have been fixed by now?
-I updated to the latest monthly build of KODI (Jarvis) Still have the problem.
-I've downloaded the latest 64bit static build of FFMPEG, pathed to it, not sure what else to do?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! It feels like I'm just missing something simple here?

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IPTV Stuttering / Not Caching. FFMPEG? Windows 100
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