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Screen Scaler - Skin/Screen Resolution Tool
screen scaler

just a helping hand as i saw another resolution issue post.

the resolution issue is not related to your xbox settings, you just need to resize the skin files for your particular settings.

have fun good luck
this functionality needs to be implemented in the xbmc itself. myabe free skin scaling will not be the best idea, but a bunch of fixed sizes could be better. i can see about 1/2 the skin on my tv set.
would be nice if the scaler also increases the font size when scaling from lower res to higher res.
yea. my tv was able to display the one and only hdtv mode..but the fonts were so small i couldn't read them.. i could tell the output was cleaner though and i actually could see everything (as opposed to the other two ntsc modes that had stuff off the edge of the screen). if the fonts scale up a bit for would absolutely rock for me.
the problem with scaling fonts etc. up is that when you change font size, the actual size of the outputted text (in pixels) obviously changes, and this can be a nightmare to try and maintain the layout consistency (without things overlapping etc.)

a much better solution is for someone to make a new skin (just a scaled up version of the current one with the fonts changed) specifically designed for 720p or whatever that uses bigger fonts.
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