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I'm using Kodi with Xperience1080. I also use an addon called Rom Collection browser, but as it seems Xperience1080 does not offer a skin for it out of the box, which is pretty sad, because it's an awesome addon for playing console games on your Kodi station. I've googled a bit, but could not find a skin for it. Has anyone done this? If so, I would gladly appreciate a share Smile

Because the addon itself doesn't seem to be very complicated (look-wise at least) I've tried to come up with something by myself. I got to the point where I was able to import a certain view type (let's say the list view) into my addon's xml file, but I wasn't able to display any content whatsoever. I ended up speding 1 full day trying to get something to show up, without success. I thought that there has to be a "quick" way to use the Xperience1080 view types, and just feed them the RCB specific data like game title, console and so on. However, cause I had no success after hours I eventually figured I should ask here.

I think many people would appreciate an adaption of RCB to Xperience1080, however I don't expect someone to do just because I asked, I guess you guys are all pretty busy Tongue But.. could someone tell me how to do it? Or is it just too complicated?

Maybe this helps:

In the end, I just want to be able to view my roms with the integraded Xperience1080 view types, just like Movies or TV Shows for example, nothing more. So if one could explain to me what to do, I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, if someone has done this already - please share - otherwise.. could someone actually do this? Would be awesome!

anyways, thanks in advance.

Have you tried advanced launcher? Thats intergrated into the skin.
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(2015-11-15, 15:13)stuCONNERS Wrote: Have you tried advanced launcher? Thats intergrated into the skin.
 No thumbnails with current skin, you know something? I would like to fix it.
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