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I currently have all my actor thumbs and accompanying person.nfo in a folder. Not in an .actors folder nested within each movie. Is it possible to have EMM store the actor thumbs and person.nfo's in this manner?
Can you tell me exactly how that works?
In the meta<browser> software I can select an option to save actors in a separate folder. I can also tell it to create sub fodlers with the first letter of the name. So I end up with people/A/…, people/B…. It saves the actor image and person.nfo in a separate folder for each person. It then writes the path for the actors thumbnail in the “show”.nfo. I can also tell it to do path substitution. The path substitution allows me to keep my main copy of all media on a local drive but copy updates to my NAS for use with all installations of Kodi.


Only one copy of an actors image. Quicker backups and less HDD space consumed.
Actors image is consistent on every kodi installation and every show they are cast in.
Updating/changing an actors image is easy by only having to change one image.
I can store the person.nfo. Currently Can’t be done in separate .actor folders. Reduced scraping time.
I can personalize the person.nfo data. Currently I only do this for family members in my home videos. I’m OCD when it comes to my media but it ends there for now. ;-)
I think this will give capability to custom fanart for each actor if anyone implements the feature.
I can select from many actor thumbnails. Only limited by the scraping choices built into the metabrowser.
I can search for or create my own custom thumbs for actors
I only have to add family members thumbnail once for family home movies.
I don’t need to export my video library as all scraping/building is done on the front end.


I think this only works on the initial scrape of a movie/tv show. If I change an actor image I have to rebuild the .nfo and rescrape movies. Would be nice if there was an addon to scrape movie.nfo’s and reload actor thumbs.

I can provide more details and information if needed.
I see that there was an enhancement note entered for this back in July I think. I'll just wait and see if it gets inplemented. Thanks for all the hard work on EMM.
On further research.. I've found other mentions of people doing this and it is listed here in the kodi forums under "popular feature requests" in the feature request forum... To integrate into kodi. I'm hoping that can help get more support for it built into kodi.
Just to bump up a feature I'd still like to see.

Please add this as feautre request on our Bug and Feature Request Tracker. Thx.
+1 and I created a feature request for it beesmyer:

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