Scrape local compilation artist .nfo/art
From what I can tell this is not a bug but a missing feature.

If I have an artist in my collection that exists only on compilations and does not have online sources to be scraped from... even if I have a folder properly named with the artists name, an nfo with musicbrainz tag and other tags, and I have local thumb and fanart, the scraper will still not load this artists information into the database.

What works...
1- If I have a compilation artist only, and this artist has data online, it will be scraped and loaded from online sources.
2- If I have an artist with their own songs in my collection, no online source, but my own local data the scraper will pick up all my local information for this artist (example being songs my wife recorded)
3- If I have an artist in my collection that also has online sources then my local information and art is still loaded and takes precedence over online scraping sources.

What does not work...
3- If I have an artist folder, with nfo/thumb, and fanart, but no songs in it, because they only appear on compilation artists, and they have no online source available to the scrapers, then I can see them in my kodi library and view the songs they appear on, but no data from the nfo is loaded, neither is any of the local artwork.

I do contribute to online scraping sources, and imagine that right now this would be the only way to get data loaded for the artists. Or I could go through each Kodi installation and art manually atleast. But not feasible.

AM I mistaken? is this a bug? Or a missing feature? I'd like Kodi to scrape all local information. Then it could only show data if they appear on any song in the library. Or if an artist is scrapped from any music file tag then it should look for local folder/nfo and scrape data from that.
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