Raspberry pi 2, problems with timeshift, changeing channels, epg
I kind of posted the same thing the other day but in the wrong thread !


Setup is Rpi 2 with an mpeg 2 license (2amp power supply), osmc, tvheadend 4.0.5, Kodi 15.2, tvheadend htsp clilent 2.1.18, ps3 playtv twin tuner with powered hub, and a powered usb 3 external hd formatted to ext4 with a samsung pro u1 32gb sd card.
So this is meant as a twin tuner (sony playtv adapter) pvr with the fronend and backend on the same system.

It hasnt currently crashed since when changing channels (though I dont think its fixed), but it has locked up, or not bothered to change channels!
Sometimes when it wont change channels if I stop the current channel it will then allow me to change channels. Sometimes it doesnt make any differece and sometimes it locks up when I press the stop button !

Using the timeshift feature seems to make it particularly unstable. It seems to be able to skip back ok to start with, but if I then try to skip forwards again it crashes. Also, even if it does work sometimes the sound can be out and sometimes the picture seems a bit jerkier, like a lower framerate or something.
Its funny I thought I had timeshift working the other day by reducing the buffer size to 350mb and the time to 12 mins, but I cant get it working again if I ever did ! I have tried it on sd card, internal memory and external usb drive, but nothing is working properly now !

In the following log I think the epg started up blank so I had to go to system->tv->guide->clear data to get it back again
then the timeshift didnt work, then it wouldnt change channels !
In the log its says "timeshift: ts 2 could not read buffer"

So basic questions are has anyone got any ideas how to fix, or is this the right place to report bugs ? I am not sure if the timeshift is a frontend or backend problem because I cant get the vlc window to show anything other than a traffic cone from the epg guide from the tvheadend web interface.
Also does anyone else use play tv adapter on linux based system ? From the other thread I appear to be the only 1 !
And is tvheaded based timeshift still an issue for anyone else on any platform, or just me ?

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Raspberry pi 2, problems with timeshift, changeing channels, epg0
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