My impression from Ivue is that quite a nice app., but the PROBLEM that I have is the following:

In my Kodi besides Ivue, I have installed numerous video add-ons.
Let's assume, we have a TV station e.g BBC1, and this station is "active" let's say by 5 of my add-ons.
Upon running Ivue, and while we are in the procedure of choosing a channel (either using the context menu or directly), the add-ons suggested by Ivue, are much fewer than the number "5" (as per our example).

What criteria are being used for this thing to happen ?

Because either the stations of the add-ons are offline OR because Ivue does not "work" with these add-ons OR because of any other whatsoever reason Ivue people are considering, as there is a chance that I could probably am doing something wrong in installing these add-ons or even installing and configuring Ivue.

Deleting the add-ons in the configuration menu does not help, and let me note that the Ivue people have not responded to an e-mail sent to them. .

It is a pity such a nice app. to reject so many add-ons.

I believe it would be nice - at least - if there was a list of add-ons (chosen by each user in the configuration menu ), listing these add-ons that the user selects..
I also share this concern. I want to find out what the criteria for iVue to include these other video addons. My goal is to have they come up under addons when I Choose Stream in iVue. I do not want to do the favorites method either mainly because far too time consuming and sure these will break or change over time making even more work.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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