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The time has come to refresh all the t1m addons to take advantage of some new features in Helix/Isengard.
I will be discontinuing support for the t1m addons in the kodi.org Gotham repo over time as they break, in favor of the new V2 ones.

I will add the new addons as they are finished and user tested to the Helix/Isengard/Jarvis kodi.org repo.

There are a few reasons why I'm doing this:
- I have more 40 addons in the kodi.org repo which I've written over a 2 year time span starting with zero knowledge of python and without bothering to read any of the xbmc/kodi documentation. Now that I know python a bit better and have actually read some of kodi documentation, I realize that I've been doing a lot of things wrong and I want to clean up my act a bit.
- I want to leave the current Gotham addons in place for a long as I can
- many of my addons need https support in ffmpeg, which is reliably available on all platforms starting with Helix
- I want to use listitem.setSubtitles() to get rid of timer delays when setting subtitles and individual addon settings to enable/disable subtitles.
- I have moved a bunch of common routines back into a common script module for all addons to make maintenance a lot easier.
- as part of the common routines, addon metadata url caching will greatly improve the performance of some of the addons which need to scrape a bunch of pages to get their metadata

Don't expect rocket science or miracles in this re-write, just an easier to maintain and hopefully faster user experience.

For those who are brave enough to try, test and can provide feedback I have made a test repo available. I believe that these addons can co-reside with the ones in the kodi.org repo, but they are for test and mistakes may happen.

Test repo addon for v2 addons zip download:


Source for the test repo is here:

If you experience problems after an update (or auto-update), go to the add-on settings and set "Reset Metadata Cache", then run the add-on again.
I'm still messing around with formats and the previously stored metadata may not work with the new test version.
Actually, it's a good idea to reset the metadata cache after any update from the V2 test repo, otherwise some metadata may not appear.
Thanks Smile
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All addons in the t1m V2 test repo have been marked as "broken" as they have been moved to the Isengard branch of the kodi.org repo.
If you were running any addons from this repo, please remove the broken addon from your Kodi install,
then go to Settings->Install->Install from repository and select the kodi.org repository and install the addon from there.
You will require Isengard or above to install the V2 addons. If you are running a lower version than Isengard, you get the V1 version of the addon from the kodi.org repo (if available). V1 addons are being marked as broken as they fail and are being replaced with V2 addons.

If this is the first time installing the addon from the kodi.org repo, you may need to go back and review the addon settings to make sure they are set correctly - a few use username and password.

You may also want to delete the 't1m V2 Add-on Repository' from the list of repos under Settings->Add-ons->Install form repository.
You may also want to very,very carefully go into your userdata/addon_data folder and delete the 'plugin.video.t1m.*' folders as they only use disk space at this point.
The t1m V2 test repo has been closed and removed from my git.
All addons have found a home in the kodi.org repo - Isengard branch.
Big thank you to folks who helped test while I was migrating addons from Gotham to Isengard.

[EDIT] Still a number of addons to migrate, but it's just a matter of time at this point.
I dont have time to do any testing for you at the moment but I just wanted to say thanks for the continued work on all your various addons. It's much appreciated Nod
If I have helped you or increased your knowledge please click the 'Thumb Up - Like' button to show me your appreciation :)
For YouTube questions see the official thread here.
HOW TO PATCH script.module.t1mlib AND OTHER t1m ADD-ONS FOR KODI 20 NEXUS


Many video add-ons that were maintained by learningit rely on the t1mlib library. The last release was 4.0.7 for Kodi 19 Matrix. With the new Kodi 20 Nexus release, some of the code is not compatible. As such some editing is required.

Locations of Files to Edit

For the t1mlib library, edit the file:


For video add-on EXAMPLENAME, edit the file:


Description of Edit Changes Needed

When a video add-on fails to work properly you can often find an indication of the problem by checking the ~/.kodi/temp/kodi.log file for error messages.

Following are examples of the type of code edits required to fix add-ons for Kodi 20 Nexus.
  1. Warning message xbmc.translatePath is deprecated in kodi.log file.

    A. Near the top of the file add:

    import xbmcvfs

    B. Change each occurrence of:


    to be:


  2. Error message Error Contents: 'HTMLParser' object has no attribute 'unescape' in kodi.log file.

    A. Change each occurrence of:

    import html.parser

    to be:

    import html

    B. Change each occurrence of:

    UNESCAPE = html.parser.HTMLParser().unescape

    to be:

    UNESCAPE = html.unescape

Sample t1mlib.py file

For your convenience the already edited t1mlib.py file is linked below:

(2023-01-20, 20:33)kodaksmith Wrote: t1mlib.py

Thanks. Your update to the t1mlib.py file fixed the pbs kids app for me on Kodi 20.
Thanks, t1mlib.py file fixed WABC Programs.
I spoke too soon, fix works fine on Windows systems, but not on Android.

Still getting the 2.error message, but there is no import html.parser or UNESCAPE = html.parser.HTMLParser().unescape in WABC scraper.py.

Debug Log

Any idea?
(2023-01-21, 17:02)Eye in the sky Wrote: Any idea?

From the log file you provided it appears that at least one reference to HTMLParser still remains in the scraper.py file. You might try searching the file for all occurrences and edit accordingly.  My guess is that the syntax isn't exactly like the t1mlib.py file, but is likely similar.
WABC works perfectly fine with updated t1mlib.py on Nexus Windows, no changes needed in WABC scraper.py, but no luck on Android.

WABC scraper.py
(2023-01-22, 15:44)Eye in the sky Wrote: WABC works perfectly fine with updated t1mlib.py on Nexus Windows, no changes needed in WABC scraper.py, but no luck on Android.

That seems odd that it works without any scraper.py changes on Windows and not on Android.

Is Windows still running Kodi Matrix?

If so then that might explain the difference.

Note that even with edits applied wabc does not work on my RPi 3.
Windows is running Kodi Nexus.

Debug Log
If anyone is having problems updating t1mlib.py on their Android 11 device due to new file permissions/security enhancements, here is how I forced an update to the existing Kodi add-on. Basically just package the updated py file into the existing add-on zip and install it manually.

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