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Remote control without screen - Play disc
i try to remote control my xbmc without a screen for music listening.
I am missing a button to "play disc". Or am i to blind to see?
Any answer to this question? I have the same issue and would like to turn on a music CD on KODI without using a screen (since the screen is a projector i don't want to turn on for playing music).
I have the same request for an android kodi remote app:

having some simple and big buttons like on a conventional disk player, that the kodi screen is not required:
- for starting a disk (CD or DVD)
- select a title out of the list,
- fast forward / backward
- volume up / down
- for CD: I don't want switch on the big tv screen for just listening music in the living room.
- for DVD: I have a beamer connected as well to the hdmi output of the rpi (via a splitter with sound extractor for the cinema sound system.)
It's uncool to expose to the cinema audience, how I have to navigate through menus before a film starts. This destroys the cinema ambient atmosphere.

I was trying kore and yatze, but both app have only the navigation buttons for screen navigation.

Is there something like this availlable?
If not, don't you programmers like to create it?

Remote control without screen - Play disc00