iOS 9 Built in Stalker PVR Client
Wondering if anyone can help.

The Stalker PVR Client that is included in Kodi is behaving strangely.

With the Jarvis beta 1 build, on my iPad Air 2, I am able to:
1. Enable Stalker PVR Client
2. Perform the setup
3. Enable Live TV
4. It works perfectly

However when I shut down Kodi and then relaunch Kodi, it crashes hard and I am unable to start Kodi. I then connect it to my computer running Xcode and all is fine again. I can shut it down and run via Xcode no problem. But if I disconnect it stops working. Now while I am connected I will disable the PVR Client and shut down Kodi, I will then disconnect from my computer/Xcode and Kodi will launch no problem and I am able to perform the above steps and it works fine until I shutdown Kodi and try to relaunch Kodi again.

Here is a link to the crash report:
Kodi Crash when PVR is enable after subsequent Launch

@Memphiz : I was thinking it had something to do with this: dylibs in iOS9 but it doesn't make sense that it works when I initially set up the Stalker PVR client and then only when i shutdown kodi and try to restart does it continuously crash. I can dig and try to fix but was looking for some pointers on where to look. I will investigate the dylib for the stalker PVR client and see if I can figure anything out, but any help would be appreciated... or some direction...
Is this still happening? How about if you try leaving just the demo pvr client enabled as a test?
This is still happening. The Demo PVR Client works fine, i can enable it, see that it works, then I close Kodi and restart and its fine it launches no problem. Looks to be an issue with PVR Stalker only. Have you made any recent changes ? I can retest.
I'm having same issue, crashes kodi every time

Did you find a way around it?
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