Music Scraper: Read and store all local artist .nfo and images
Would be nice for Kodi to scrape all local artist information, nfo's/thumbs/fanart, etc..

Currently Kodi only scrapes and stores local information for artists of albums. If I have an artist that only appears on compilations, feat., etc... then it will scrape online sources. But not the information I have stored locally. SO if the artist has information available online I can see this in kodi. If not then there is no information.

I do believe in and contribute to online sources for the community. But There are still benefits to having the local sources...

Ease of initial scrapes.
Consistency between multiple installs of Kodi
Specific info and artwork instead of indiscriminately scraping online sources.
Due to the lack of available copyright information on artwork, especially more obscure artists, it is difficult to get artwork approved for
I agree. Would be a good option.

Also this would overcome that there can be local information in an artist folder and still the scraper will use online fanart, folder etc.

I noticed this for ZZ Top. ZZ Top are also part of a compilation. I had a folder called compilations with all my compilations in it. I also have a folder ZZ Top with all the albums, fanart, aan artist thumbnail.

When I scraped my music directory the folder "compilations" (with a song by ZZ Top in it) was scraped before the folder "ZZ Top". Therefore kodi looked for online art for ZZ Top during scraping the compilations folder. My local artwork was ignored, because the folder "ZZ Top" was scraped later.

My workaround was that I renamed my compilations folder to "ZZZZZ compilations" so that it would be scraped as the last folder.
@DarkHelmet, @beesmyer or anyone else... you may have something to contribute to a general discussion of music scraping that I have started here 248430 (thread)

I would like some feedback on what users scrape (artists, albums?), from where and why. Hope that the mix of design ideas and user issues doesn't get unmangeable!
This belongs here too. Better support for music boxed sets is needed, library view is just not as good as file mode.

(2015-11-26, 01:20)tomc Wrote: I am using Musibrainz and picard for tagging, but not a Kodi scraper. folder.jpg files are embedded with MP3Tag.
This is the same problem as Batterpudding.

With boxsets like:


when boxset appears as a release on musicbrainz, same art is used by Kodi when importing to library, Local info only.
Like this:

watch gallery

image 1 = File Mode / 2= Library: art used is different from embedded art

Only solution I found is to have a musicbrainz pseudo release for each disc of the box...

Take for example the "Bach Editions" by Brilliant Classics.
"2006 edition" is splitted in 6 volumes as explained here:
Covers for volume 1 are available to picard. (

In library mode the bach edition is only 6 albums, with quite long list of tracks... In File mode There are 155 parts with different art...

Maybe I missed something Confused ? Do you guys have a solution for this?
Just a bump... Still very interested in this so I can get all the info for obscure/indie artists in my library
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