Your 2nd Add-On: Online Videos!
To be able to select view modes for your media listing you need to set media type of your media items:

Also, switching view modes (although it is strongly discouraged) needs to be done after endOfDirectory call.
Raspberry PI 2 + LibreELEC 8 (Kodi 17)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 + Kodi 17 for Android
xbmcplugin.setContent(_handle, 'videos')
that was the line i missed, with this (but without
) the sideblade menu unlocked

I've misunderstood this function, i was believing that was only for the page which should display the final videos, and i was displaying just picture of the show (a folder in my mind) which when you click on it open another folder (season)

Thank a lot for your help! Smile
Thanks to this tutorial I made an addon of online videos with subtitles.
Unfortunately when I tried to play the videos with a remote : the subtitles disappear.
I just add those two lines inside the file :
subtitles = domain+video['sub']+'.srt'
It's working with the usual playing mode, maybe I should add more things to recognize the subtitles by the remote too.
Thanks for your help
Is there a way to create video "SubCategories"
The structure of the original add-on is

1) 'Animals'
-> 'Crab'
-> 'Alligator'
-> 'Turtle'

2) 'Cars'
-> 'Postal Truck'
-> 'Traffic'
-> 'Traffic Arrows'


I'm looking for something like this:
1) 'Animals'
-> 1A) 'Wild Animals'
---> 'Lion'
---> 'Tiger'
---> 'Zebra'

-> 1B) 'Domestic Animals'
---> 'Chicken'
---> 'Cat'
---> 'Dog'

-> 1C) 'Sea Animals'
---> 'Dolphin'
---> 'Goldfish'
---> 'Tuna'

Is possible to create something like this, modifying the main code?
Please advice. Thank you.
Yes, you can have nested "virtual folders" as well to whatever depth you want. They are defined as the top-level "virtual folder" ListItems.
Raspberry PI 2 + LibreELEC 8 (Kodi 17)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 + Kodi 17 for Android

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I'm not educated enough to decode your answer and create the solution I need by my self.
I also search around for a while but I can't find an example to analyze and follow.
Is it possible to provide code as example?
Thanks in advance
Hello, can you help me with this question? I think I probably made it in the wrong place because it's about this addon, here is the question: 342055 (thread)

Basically what I'm wondering is if it's possible for this addon to run the code that scrapes the source code of a website only when the video item is clicked? I just don't want to scrape the website 2 or 3 times everytime I want to click the item, and it even does the scraping if I don't really have the intention of clicking the link that uses this function.

Sorry if this is some python issue more than an addon issue, I'm having trouble understanding the way an addon runs, do the variables get reset every time an user clicks a folder or item?
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