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Added a new Guide page for future and past events using event thumb. Thanks again to Ovokx for the idea and design work.

English Championship league, teams and all players are complete.

The green tick next to the team means at least 11 players have an image and details, all artwork is complete and events added for the entire season. Pretty cool!


Some new features recently:

- [Fixed] History correctly recorded for people updating scores manually
- [Data] Updated French Basketball league with new teams -
- [Data] Data complete for League 1 English Soccer with all teams and player artwork -

- [Data] Added loads of new TV Channel providers
- [New Feature] Add player contracts to the database. Could be useful to find out when your favourite player is possibly going to leave the squad.

Added some new API methods to keep up with the site features recently introduced.

Basically now you should be able to get a full TV Sports Guide for any specific day or specific event. This could be useful for any TV guides such as @primaeval  ultimate TV guide Smile Potentially you could also look up all team artwork and data as well as player rosters and all sorts! Could be very powerful now we record TV events from around the world.

- Added TV Schedule API Example:
- Added TV Event API  Example:
- Fixed fanart alignment on player screen
- Added Player Honor API Example:
- Added Player Former Teams API Example:
- Added Player Contract API Example:
Can we all agree to not put the National Championship game up there?  


Roll Tide.  Sad
(2019-01-08, 22:12)sirreef Wrote: Can we all agree to not put the National Championship game up there?  


Roll Tide.  Sad
 Is that college American football? If so I we do support it now Smile sorry for your loss
- Player contracts are now supported (add from the player page and results shown as green bars)


- And Team managers are now a proper identity that can be fully edited and associated with artwork. (Add using the new player function)



Also NFL and NBA Basketball are very nearly all complete, still looking for some more help on those including contracts, managers and remaining player artwork.
Too big a changelog to list all here but some of the main recent features:

- Main page has had a redesign
- Much better responsive design for phones and even 4K screens
- Quicker loading pages
- Scottish Premiership and French League 1, and UK BBL leagues well on the way to being complete with all team and player artwork
- Many new TV channels updated 
- Main page shows events and all TV channels showing the match grouped together.

am I missing an active link in the previous forum posts I cant seem to find it, possibly look closer at the db website perhaps?
Proper Usage of a debug log
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I've been a bit lazy recently updating this thread, but so much progress on the site!

- Updated the highlights page to make it easier to browse video sports highlights from YouTube

- New Motorsport and Golf Event results feature to allow individual player results to be input and displayed

As well as loads of work on:

- Nascar racing
- Motocross
- Formula E
- European Basketball
- Aussie rules football

Loads more as well, I forget Smile
- Player results in their profiles (thx of Ovokx for the awesome idea and designs)

I hope to roll it out for fighting and golf players at some point in the future as well.

Now that sports are starting up again there is lots of progress every day at the moment as we get even more Patreon supporters Smile

Feature Roadmap

Some recent improvements
- Player results available from the API
- Player statistics
- New standardized seasons
- 50+ new soccer leagues from around the world
- Australian NRL players update
- Motorsports team updates
- 20+ new fighting leagues and history

API V2 progress
We've also started writing V2 of the API with a lot simpler interface and more variations. Also has better livescores for all sports.
hello! is this working on kodi matrix?
thanks for your work
(2021-01-04, 00:08)marantz Wrote: hello! is this working on kodi matrix?
thanks for your work
Yes the scraper should do, I haven't tested yet though.

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