In adding tags to movies it seems like the only way is to use the tags manager... select the tags, then select the movies from the list to add them to. As opposed to browsing the movies... select the movie then any tags you want to add. IS this the only way? It's just backwards from how I'm familiar in tagging files in most anything else. If this is the only way then maybe I just need to play with it more and change the way I'm use to using my media and Kodi.

Generally I would tag my videos with things like 3D, Surround Sound, Kids, Classics, etc... and use smart playlists in Kodi to pull these up differently. Or just use tags in Kodi. I know there are different ways to use smart playlists in kodi like paths, audio streams, etc.. but not for everything I have. IN most cases it's still workable.

But it's causing me a little grief in not being able to figure out how to separate my 3D movies. Meaning, If I go to tags and create one for 3D movies I can't tell from the list which movies are 3D vs the standard ones. I could rename them but thought I'd ask first. I can filter my list of movies in the window so I can see only the shows I would tag with similar tags. But then there is no way to tag since I have to go to the tagging window and it doesn't use a filtered list.

So I guess my two questions are this.

Am I using the tag feature the best way? If so I'll just get used to it and change my methods.
Is the best way for me to separate me to separate my 3D movies in Kodi going to be by path and smart playlist?

Hi I added some changes in tag manager in Ember because I and other users have the same problems that you mentioned.
I added 3 new filter checkboxes in tag manager: "ALL" (which shows all movies as it is right now), "Selected" (which lists only the selected movies in Ember main view) and "Filtered" which is probably what you want. From next version on you can set your filters in main movielist in Ember (like Genre) and those filtered movies will be displayed in tag manager. That should make tagging the movies a lot easier.

A few days ago I submitted my code changes to Dan's Ember repository so it will be there in next beta release
Awesome. Thank you cocotus.

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