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Slate Beta Released
wowser #1 will be added just don't know when.

#2 won't be added. Just think that some remote users would like to be able to access the shutdown menu while playing music.

Glad you like the skin. Let me know if you have any bugs or problems.
Great work on the skin, pm3 is history now that I found this great skin, love your work Big Grin

Some bugs that I found and some suggestions:

1Confuseduggestion; when playing media and watching the home screen, pressing the white button could bring up the content menu ( or whatever it is called, where you can see what movie/album is playing and time left etc...)

2Confuseduggestion; an option to change the font color to make the text stand out better on different backgrounds

3:bug?; in big wraplist view, the foldernames are not scrolling

4:bug?; when in list within an album, the text is "cut off" quite far from the time of the song, this distance could be shortened and it would still look nice while displaying more of the song's name. I suppose this has something to do with the text size when a song is highlighted/selected in the list view.

5Confuseduggestion; when watching video or listening to an album, pressing the white button twice could bring up the more detailed view with imdb info and thumbnail, as in the clearity skin.

6:bug?; when fast forwarding or reversing a movie/song the color on the progress bar disappears, i.e. the color that marks how much you've seen of the movie.

7:bug?/suggestion; when lowering the volume to -60 no mute icon appears. It would be nice with a mute icon Nod

8:me complaining while I shouldn't Blush , (suggestion) ; the watched/unwatched icons for library view are quite ugly (my opinion). The ones in pm3 or clearity are more to the point I think. The current ones look a bit like the security center icons in windows. Just me being picky Confused

Again thanks for this great skin, I didn't think after pm3 that xbmc's looks could be improved by this much, keep up the good work

Oh I forgot one issue;

9; bug; in some wide icon view, the borders of the content pane gets skew/not straight. It only appears with some wide icons, but shouldn't xbmc cache all icons to the same dimensions?

/cheerio Ninjamawwe
Remembered another one, concerning the web interface. Long folder/file names really screw up the presentation. See screenshots:
Abe87: I'm about to release a new version of the YouTube script. There are some skin details for you to update if you want the skin to be distributed with this release. (still no config window to change the skin, but that will happen soon).
Slate is now version 0.82 You can get the latest version at our website

This version has some bug fixes in it. Please check the changlog.

I also listened to your suggestions and added some new features such as the scripts button on the home screen.

Since we included the Apple Movie Trailers button, people had started to request new scripts be added. Instead of adding new scripts I have removed the AMT button and put in script bookmarks in the skin settings. This will allow the user to specify which script they want to launch. There are 4 buttons per media section. For these buttons to operate correctly you need to give the button a name, specify the path to the, and enable the button. I hope that you guys like this new addition. I want to thank jmarshall for the help with this and Jezz_X for the example in his Xbox Classic skin.

As always be sure that you are using the latest T3CH version of xbmc.

Please post any comments, suggestions, or bugs here.
Quote:Quote from @ Mar 25 2007

Version 0.83 of Slate is now available! Once again we added some features that will make your life easier ;-) In our last version we listened to you guys and added a "Script Button Manager" because a lot of you wanted to be able to have different type of script available in the different media windows. This time, we added a sweet feature that will allow you to set Shortcuts on the home screen to different Library views! Speaking of the library views, we also tweaked our library views and added an awesome vertical wraplist view. We are really proud of this one :-)

Image Image Image

At the moment Slate 0.83 is available in English and German. We are looking for helpers that want to translate the translate.xml into different languages. If you want to help, please check out the 'language localization' page for more information.

To have the Slate work properly, you will have to make sure that you are using the latest T3CH release(8306) with the newest version of Slate.

Fluidman wanted to post some new Themes and updated Scripts Skins, but we got busy working on this release, so you will have to wait a bit for these.

Please keep the bug reports coming, and if you have any suggestions, make sure to let us know. Click here to get the latest version of Slate.
Well, there is not much for me to add. I hope you like the new version, if not, let us know what we should do better.

Team AF Homepage:
Slate Direct Download Link: Click Here
Best skin ever, better than mc360, vision, xtv, pm3 2 1, classic, or anything else ever made. thx for making this skin
anoobie Wrote:Best skin ever, better than mc360, vision, xtv, pm3 2 1, classic, or anything else ever made. thx for making this skin
are you sure about that!?
i havn't tried the skin yet but looks decent to me...looks similar to Clearity:/

xTV was good, but gets boring quickly.

The skin I wanna try is the multiplicityTongue

also remember diffeerent skins have diffeerent effects
Are you considering adding Slate to a svn repository? I would love to build into my latest releases (I do clean releases with skins once a week on a xbox release site).
Slate will be using SVN sometime in the future. But right now we'll just release new versions every other week or so. This week we'll release another version again. So stay tuned.

@Deff: whats the url of your release site?
Don't ask and do NOT post links to binaries.
For python coding questions first see
Nuka1195 Wrote:Don't ask and do NOT post links to binaries.
I am going to post binaries>Smile
I love The skin. I think the script buttons in each section is a great idea, but It does not work for me.
I enable script buttons in the script settings section, I enable the button, name the button and define the path to the
The button appears on the menu but pressing it does nothing.
marathont I haven't had any problems with this feature. Are you sure that the script that you are trying to launch has a Which script are you having trouble with? I tested with Apple Movie Trailers and everything worked fine.

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