Missing Rating in Info Pane?
Shouldn't the song rating be displayed in the info pane, or am I mistaken? Huh
For example, the song below is rated 4/5 stars, but it doesnt show that (unless I go to "song info" in the context menu):
I noticed it missing right after changing the background pictures (on the "home" screen). To be honest, I don't use Kodi/XBMC enough lately to remember if it should be there. Blush

If someone could shed some light on this, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
I think it was never there. But in general the whole music section of the skin desperately needs remodelling and pimping up Big Grin
Just never have the time to look at this.
Thanks for the response. I thought I broke/corrupted something. Looks really great overall though.

I noticed in screenshots the video sections list the rating in the info pane, but I haven't added any to test that out yet. I'm curious to try that.

Anyway, thanks again! Happy Thanksgiving.
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Missing Rating in Info Pane?00