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Can I change the recording location to my NAS and if so how?
Yes. Change the "Recording system path" in Configuration -> Recordings -> DVR Profiles tab.

You'll need to mount the remote filsystem first, though... you can't use nfs:// or smb:// syntax, it needs to be seen as a local (NFS mounted) filesystem. You'll also need to ensure that you have the right permissions to create directories and write to the remote filesystem.
I have no idea how to ensure the filesystem is mounted. How do I go about that can you point me in the direction of a guide or provide instructions if you are able?
That's entirely up to your NAS, I'm afraid - you need to log into it and configure either an SMB/SAMBA export (i.e. something that a Windows system can see over the network - may also be called CIFS) or an NFS one. You then need do an NFS mount to whatever you have tvheadend running on - a little less system-specific, but you broadly either mount from the command line if you only want it in this session, or else edit /etc/fstab to make the mount happen every time you reboot.

What NAS is it, and what are you running tvh on?

And what else accesses the NAS - you must have some clients, after all..! - as it's highly likely you're already sharing something, probably over SMB/CIFS.
Its a Ready NAS Duo V2, TVH is running on Openelec on a ASUS Chromebox. My MacBook Pro and Kodi are the only clients really.
According to this link, you should have a couple of default shares that are accessible over SMB - "backup" and "media". You may be using one of these, then, or you may have some other shares defined.

Log into your NAS' web interface, and select Configure -> Browse to see what shares you have... see if any of these are familiar, and whether you want to use one for your recordings. Remember that these are the 'root' shares, so you can have multiple directories below these (as you probably already have for TV shows, films, whatever). Create a new one if you need to, or just create a directory (e.g. "Recordings") in a suitable place if you want to re-use an exisiting one.

Now, the more fun bit is getting it mounted to your Chromebox. Have a read of this page to see if it gets you started. Look at the [Mount] section...

1. The what will need to point to the share you have defined on your NAS, as above
2. The where will tell you where on the OpenELEC box you want it to appear (remember that, on Linux, remote machines are 'grafted' onto the directory structure and appear as local directories)
3. The options are again dependent on your NAS setup - username and password as defined in the config

Assuming you create something like /storage/.config/system.d/storage-recordings.mount then, having defined this lot, you can test it from an ssh prompt with systemctl enable storage-recordings.mount. If it works, you can then cd to the directory you defined in where and you should see the files on your NAS (or can create a file on your MacBook in the right NAS directory and it should be visible to the OE box in that location).

Making any sense?
OK what I did for my Qnap NAS with tvheadend running on my HTPC

Qnap >> Privalidge systems >> Shared folders >> Create >> Shared folder >> I called the new folder "RecordingsNAS4" >> Give it guest write permissions

On the OpenELEC HTPC

SSH into the htpc

mkdir /storage/recordingsNAS4

Using a windows computer browse to:

\\openelec\Configfiles >> Open "" with a text editor >> Add this text to bottom of the file (you may need to create a new file if it doesnt exits)

(sleep 30;
mount -t cifs -o username=user,rw //;

Where the IP address is the IP of your NAS and the folder name is the samba share you created earlier.

Reboot and go to:

Settings >> File manager >> storage >> RecodringsNAS4

And you should see the folder on your NAS.

Now you can just set the recording directory in TVHeadend configiguration >> Recording >> Recording System Path

Hello. I found this thread because Kodi has been storing my TV recordings into the Public Video folder on my system drive and it ran out of space.

I don't know if the interface has changed in the last 2 years, but I cannot find the "Recordings" or "DVR Profiles" tab.
I've moved the whole folder to my NAS and now I'm trying to link Kodi to it.

What should I do?


EDIT: I use NPVR and just noticed it was that program that made the recordings, not KODI. I've made a Dynamic Link to my NAS on C:/Users/Public/Videos and that seemed to solve it.
Windows 7 box w/KODI last stable. Intel i3 2105. Asrock Z68M-ITX/HT. 4GB RAM. Samsung 850 EVO SSD 250gb. Toshiba 2.5 HD 1TB. SoundBlaster Audigy sound card. Hauppauge USB DTV.
Synology DS416 NAS over gigabit ethernet. Logitect X-540 loudspeakers. Sony TV.

Couple of quick questions

Should this be 
(sleep 30;
mount -t cifs -o username=user,rw // /storage/recordingsNAS4;

(note the extra space)

and where would I put this (and modify it if needed) on Ubuntu?

Best wishes,


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