(2016-01-26, 22:52)ashlar Wrote:
(2016-01-25, 21:01)garbear Wrote: Well there's your answer Smile The controller configuration utility is nearing completion, so i'll be working on this again sometime in feb or march
Do you know if the "server" machine (running Windows in my case) needs to be left unlocked as with Steam In-Home Streaming? Steam needs the monitor to be on and the machine to be unlocked... quite a let down IMHO.

(2016-01-30, 13:04)ashlar Wrote: Monitor on would almost be fine. There are workarounds or, at least, you could let the monitor go to standby... but leaving the machine unlocked, in a client-server configuration... who in his right mind wants to leave a server unlocked?

I run a windows server and utilize gamestream quite regularly (with shields I have no reason to utilize moonlight over gamestream, but experience should be identical)

I always leave it unlocked. I never have any of my personal computers locked including the server. I let all the clients sleep through power settings. I leave the server always on, display always on

After all the initial nvidia resolution setup, steam, origin, etc - I can gamestream with the monitor unplugged. I don't have a dedicated monitor for the server, so there have been times where I replaced the OS drive or messed around with uefi where I had to move a monitor upstairs to fiddle with things. I regularly remote control it with ChromeRDP. I also have the integrated graphics enabled with the "virtual monitor" hack so that I can run quicksync in handbrake
Are there some new information or solutions by integrating Gamestream into Retroplayer?

In the past i tested Retropie and there it works fine and i could connect with my Desktop-PC an play some steam games.

Thanks for info
(2017-05-30, 09:26)motamas Wrote: Are there some new information or solutions by integrating Gamestream into Retroplayer?
There is the Moonlight Game Addon for Kodi. Read and

But it is not ready to use as Kodi's core binary addon system code reworking for Kodi v18 is still ongoing. See garbear comment:
(2017-05-23, 04:11)garbear Wrote: The binary add-on system is being majorly reworked and many add-ons are expected to break in the near future. Hang in there and we'll finish updating everything.
And to touch on the topic a bit more, I'm working on a redesign on RetroPlayer that will make encoded video a first class citizen. Currently we use private VideoPlayer APIs for this. I expect this to change over the summer for the shader project.
BTC: 1JtXwJdGdE9YnYgThWBT2StFCU5sEYkbVD (personal), (foundation). Donations in the form of controllers, especially ones that don't work in Kodi, are also appreciated.
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