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OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2015-12-07, 15:46)popcornmix Wrote:
(2015-12-06, 19:57)afremont Wrote: hdmi_mode=16 fixed it. Is there any advantage either way?

I think hdmi_mode=16 or changing in GUI from DESKTOP to 1080p60 will have the same effect, and you should do one or other as interlaced output is undesirable.

Quote:Did the giant debug log I posted provide anything useful about the other issue with the skipping frames and high CPU usage?

Sorry not had a chance to dig through the log yet. I'm keeping an eye on the reports, so keep posting any new discoveries.
You say you didn't have the freezes a few weeks ago. Do they go away if you revert to a Milhouse build from a few weeks ago?

The freezes that I'm referring to are with SSH logins to various Linux boxen, not just RPi OpenELEC devices. I don't seem to get them with large file copies or iperf runs so I'm a little hesitant to blame everything on them since I was having live TV playback problems for a while before noticing the "freezes".

I created a 3 hour long recording and played it back last night using videoplayer, it pretty much played okay all the way through. I let the box sit all night and I restarted the playback and it encountered quite a few problems then finally just stopped playing back. I uploaded that log file and here it is, though it's not a debug log:

Last night I was leaning towards the addon maybe being the problem when the 3 hour long recording played without high CPU usage or skipping thousands of frames. For whatever reason, it didn't want to play this morning, but I also tried doing an automatic upgrade of the addon, but you can see it got a dependancy error message. Maybe that left things in some kind of disarray? It looks like there should be a newer version of the addon, so I posted above to see if Milhouse could include it in his builds (assuming that he's not doing so already). The only one I can see in the repositories is version 2.4.3. The version I currently have is 3.3.9, but I believe there is a version 3.4.1 in the github.
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