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OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
I've been running a live TV stream for something like 5 hours and no high CPU usage and only 410 skipped frames using videoplayer on the 1207 build. That's much better reliability than I've had in a very long time. Here's a non-debug log if you guys care to see it.

There was one read error on the live stream reported by the addon apparently. I'm guessing that's where the 400 skipped frames came from. At any rate, this is much better. Thanks to popcornmix for whatever he's doing in videoplayer and to Milhouse for making all this possible and last but not least to janbar for providing the myth tv pvr addon. Smile

Is mii-tool and/or iperf available from some repository addon? I'd like to do some testing from my Raspberry Pi's perspective. I'd also like to turn off full duplex for grins. I really wish I had some smart switches, but I'd need at least three and they're kind of expensive.

The following is just more rhetoric about my network issues investigation.

As for my network investigations, I took the gigabit switch out of the livingroom and replaced it with a 100Mb switch. I'm still trying to determine if that made any difference in anything. I had a couple of freezes in the LR playing back recordings and also playing a movie from the Video part of Kodi. It was pulling the video from the mythbackend through a samba share. The movie froze twice in a fairly short time, but proceeded on after a few seconds. After changing out the switch, the movie didn't freeze again, but a recording playback did a few times. It didn't matter whether I used OMX or DVDPlayer. This is all using OE6 released version in the living room. The myth backend is in the same room so the only thing in common was the 100Mb switch. I still get htop freezes in the bedroom and in the livingroom even though the linux box (myth) and my laptop are on the 100Mb switch. The myth box is enabling flow control with the switch. I'm not sure that's a good thing from what I've read. Every bit of this could be from one of my many network devices randomly renegotiating with one of my switches or possibly full-duplex cross-talk on a cable. I may see if I can rent a network tester to certify all my network cabling in the house.
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