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OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2015-12-20, 02:47)nalor Wrote: Just noticed that 3d-bluray support isn't working any longer. Tried the latest builds and it's ok until build 1215 (I tried 1210, 1212, 1214, 1215 and it's ok in all of them) and starting with build 1216 it's not working any longer (tested only 1216 and 1219).

Usually I get the menu to choose the playback method, this selection is missing and so the playback is stuck in 2d mode.

Any ideas?

Update 20151220: cannot reprocuce the problem any longer this morning - no idea why it didn't work yesterday....

There is a problem with the simple Bluray menu.

My playback mode for 3D videos is "Ask me", and with build #1219 I find that, on a fresh start when playing a 3D BD ISO (ie. Train your Dragon, over smb://), I'll be shown the simple Bluray menu on the first play (most times, anyway). The movie starts in 2D mode, and if if choose the Monoscopic/2D mode from the menu, or click "Back" on the remote (ie. Cancel the menu) and then stop the movie, when playing the movie a second (or sometimes a third) time there will be no simple Bluray menu shown - the movie just plays in 2D mode. Restarting Kodi restores the Bluray menu.

However if I choose "Preferred mode (same as movie)" (ie. 3D) on the first play then the Bluray menu is displayed every time the movie is played, so long as I keep choosing "Preferred mode". Once I choose "Monoscopic/2D" or Cancel, the menu stops appearing.

For me, this behaviour starts with build #1205, although in build #1204 there is no Bluray menu shown at all - not even on the first play, so perhaps it's a combination of changes in #1204 + #1205 (unfortunately, that's quite a few).

Build #1203 is the last build that reliably shows the simple Bluray menu on every play.
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