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OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2015-12-28, 19:30)bill_orange Wrote:
(2015-12-28, 19:17)Milhouse Wrote: You're using SQLite, can you upload your /storage/.kodi/userdata/Database/MyMusic58.db file in its current and original form - an exported database may not allow the problem to be reproduced.

Okay. There were several other MyMusic files. I only did MyMusic58.db



Finally managed to reproduce a hang with your Music58.db. Smile

I had no luck with Music -> Albums - I could go into and out of albums without any problems (using the mouse).

I then tried Music -> Artists, drilled into The Brand New Heavies, drilled into the album (of the same name), then clicked ".." to leave the album which succeeded, but clicking ".." to exit the artist folder using the mouse resulted in a hung kodi.bin (one CPU at 100%).

It seems to be the main process/thread that is hung, but strace isn't giving me any detail - no output at all, which is odd.

I restarted kodi, and just clicking on Music > Artists with the mouse has resulted in a hang (although this doesn't always happen, but seems quite frequent). I forced kodi.bin to crash by killing the process with a SEGV signal, this is the crashlog:

I think it may be a caching issue - I can enter Music > Artists once on a fresh boot (and remember my builds clear the cache on start of kodi), then back out of Artists back to the main menu - at this point I have a file called .kodi/temp/ which is the cached music data/view. Upon re-entering Music > Artists kodi will hang, which is when it will be reading

I've uploaded here if anyone is able to inspect it and see if there is anything wrong.

Edit: I've disabled the mouse and "show parent folder" and can still cause a hang when entering Music > Artists for a second time, so those two variables can be discounted - crashlog without mouse and show parent folders:
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