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OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2015-12-29, 01:39)popcornmix Wrote: I can pause/resume (with space). No OSD controls or arrow key seeking (although I'm not sure whether that is expected to work - has it in the past?)

I'm using an Ortek VRC-1100 remote (USB IR dongle).

When playing a track from the Alan Parsons MiniDVD, the transport buttons (pause/play, ffw, rwd, skip next, skip previous) are working with build #1001. As an aside, the stream flags are visible in the OSD.

After build #1001, tracks from the MiniDVD would no longer play until the fix in build #1215 - in this and subsequent builds the tracks would play, and the transport buttons are working (although the flags are no longer visible in the OSD).

The transport buttons continue to work until build #1223 which is the first build when the transport buttons are no longer working.

Debug log from #1222 (mashing pause/play, ffwd, rwd, skip next/prev):
Debug log from #1223 (mashing pause/play, ffwd, rwd, skip next/prev):

In #1222, KEY_PLAY (my Play and Pause buttons - they both send the same code) has the action "PlayPause" but in #1223 the action changes to "Select". The remaining transport buttons (ffwd, rwd, skip next and skip previous) all have the same actions in both builds, however these buttons are ignored in build #1223 (and later builds).

The system and user keymaps are identical in both builds, so the change of KEY_PLAY action in #1223 and non-functioning ffwd, rwd, skip next and skip prev buttons would seem to be due to Kodi changes (VideoPlayer?)

I'm seeing the same transport button issues with my latest x86 build - in fact a few seconds after playing a track with the x86 build the static image switches to a green screen (I can still bring up the OSD over this green image) whereas on RPi the image is shown as expected.
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