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OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
First thanks for you all amazing work!
I have been using milhouse builds for month without an issue!
Yesterday i have been making my first try at bluetooth headphones.
Here is my setup:
- rpi with openelec and milhouse build,
- audio/video receiver connected through HDMI.

Most of the time i use the audio through my receiver: audio passthrough with configuration to 5.1

Now yesterday i tried adding a bluetooth dongle to connect my headphones. The first thing is that it works great Big Grin. My issues/FR are more related to ease of use.
For the bluetooth to work correctly i have to:
- connect with my headphones through the openelec addon.
- go into system/audio
- change the audio output to use the bluetooth
- change the configuration to 2.0
- disable passthrough

And then when i am done i have to set it all back the original settings.
It's quite a hassle to have to do this everytime and i am wondering if things could maybe be automated.

1/bluetooth connect. It feels like the dongle won't auto connect when turn on my headphones. Is that normal? (i am not sure about will run more test tonight). Would this be doable? For example my headphones auto connect to my phone when i turn them on.
2/audio output. That's actually the main issue. That something i can't go around right now. I am wondering if it would be possible for the audio output to change to the bluetooth device once it connect, and go back to the previous setting once disconnected? I think it makes senses, just like it happens on my phone (from speakers to bluetooth).
3/passthrough and configuration: writing about this one i stumbled upon this site which seems to imply that i could always use passthrough with 2.0. And it would work with my receiver and dts/5.1. Is that right? (will test that tonight if i can). With 5.1 and passthrough i was only receiving the front left and right. the 5.1 track was not downmixed into 2.0 (which i thought could not be done with passthrough enabled).

I really want to emphatize the fact that bluetooth works great now!

THanks a lot for your amazing work
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